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Q 1-degrees of c.e. sets

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We show that the Q-degree of a hyperhypersimple set includes an infinite collection of Q 1-degrees linearly ordered under \({\leq_{Q_1}}\) with order type of the integers and consisting entirely of hyperhypersimple sets. Also, we prove that the c.e. Q 1-degrees are not an upper semilattice. The main result of this paper is that the Q 1-degree of a hemimaximal set contains only one c.e. 1-degree. Analogous results are valid for \({\Pi_1^0}\) s 1-degrees.

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Omanadze, R.S., Chitaia, I.O. Q 1-degrees of c.e. sets. Arch. Math. Logic 51, 503–515 (2012). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00153-012-0278-7

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  • Q 1-reducibility
  • s-reducibility
  • Hyperhypersimple set
  • Hemimaximal set

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 03D25
  • 03D30