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Projective absoluteness for Sacks forcing


We show that \({{\bf \Sigma}^1_3}\)-absoluteness for Sacks forcing is equivalent to the non-existence of a \({{\bf \Delta}^1_2}\) Bernstein set. We also show that Sacks forcing is the weakest forcing notion among all of the preorders that add a new real with respect to \({{\bf \Sigma}^1_3}\) forcing absoluteness.


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The author would like to thank Joan Bagaria, through whose lecture in Kobe he became interested in forcing absoluteness. He also appreciates the help given by Yasuo Yoshinobu, who gave him useful comments on this paper and made the proof of Theorem 3.1 very simple. He is grateful to Jörg Brendle for helpful comments on Remark 3.2. Finally, he thanks the referee for several comments on this paper. This research was supported by a GLoRiClass fellowship funded by the European Commission (Early Stage Research Training Mono-Host Fellowship MEST-CT-2005-020841).

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Correspondence to Daisuke Ikegami.

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  • Forcing absoluteness
  • Sacks forcing
  • Bernstein sets

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

  • 03E15
  • 28A05
  • 54H05