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Simon Penny (2018): Making sense: cognition, computing, art and embodiment

MIT Press (23 Jan. 2018), Hardcover, 544 pages, ISBN-10: 0262036754. ISBN-13: 978-0262036757
  • Karamjit S. GillEmail author
Book Review

Simon Penny’s book, Making Sense, takes us through an inter-disciplinary journey of post-cognition, introducing the reader to the interplay between arts, science, technology, and society. As a teacher, practitioner, researcher and an observer of science and technology, Penny has produced a book, a reference text and research resource that should stimulate the reader whether a student of arts, a practitioner of computing, a researcher in artificial intelligence, a philosopher of technology, a historian of science, interlocutor of multimedia, or an interested observer of debates on the intelligent machine, big data, or god of algorithms. In seeking an overview and critical comment on the evolution of computing, artificial intelligence, the reader may be tempted to reflect on conceptual underpinnings, technological innovations, and intellectual contexts of debates on cognition, computability, intelligent machine, embodiment, instrumental reason, and common sense.

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