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The general idea and usage of manufacturing knowledge data-contained differences of production culture

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Activities of product design and manufacturing are carried out on a worldwide scale. Operations like outsourcing and fabless manufacturing occur frequently in both design and manufacturing processes to stimulate outbreaks of the abovementioned phenomena. In this situation, manufacturing knowledge data, that have been collected and used only by the same enterprise in the same place and within the same ethnic group up to now, are not sufficient or precise enough for making a plan of ongoing manufacturing. This paper tries to suggest an example of manufacturing knowledge data containing an element of production culture and to estimate a risk of manufacturing trouble that could happen between each production culture.

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Ihara, T., Zhu, J. The general idea and usage of manufacturing knowledge data-contained differences of production culture. AI & Soc 17, 256–265 (2003). https://doi.org/10.1007/s00146-003-0281-y

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  • Focused point of part drawing
  • Global production activities
  • Manufacturing knowledge data
  • Process planning difficulty
  • Production culture
  • Risk of manufacturing trouble