Wide baseline pose estimation from video with a density-based uncertainty model

  • Nicola PellicanòEmail author
  • Emanuel Aldea
  • Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle
Original Paper


Robust wide baseline pose estimation is an essential step in the deployment of smart camera networks. In this work, we highlight some current limitations of conventional strategies for relative pose estimation in difficult urban scenes. Then, we propose a solution which relies on an adaptive search of corresponding interest points in synchronized video streams which allows us to converge robustly toward a high-quality solution. The core idea of our algorithm is to build across the image space a nonstationary mapping of the local pose estimation uncertainty, based on the spatial distribution of interest points. Subsequently, the mapping guides the selection of new observations from the video stream in order to prioritize the coverage of areas of high uncertainty. With an additional step in the initial stage, the proposed algorithm may also be used for refining an existing pose estimation based on the video data; this mode allows for performing a data-driven self-calibration task for stereo rigs for which accuracy is critical, such as onboard medical or vehicular systems. We validate our method on three different datasets which cover typical scenarios in pose estimation. The results show a fast and robust convergence of the solution, with a significant improvement, compared to single image-based alternatives, of the RMSE of ground-truth matches, and of the maximum absolute error.


Pose estimation Wide baseline Camera calibration Guided matching 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of Regent’s Park Mosque for providing access to the site during data collection, and of K. Kiyani. This work was partly funded by ANR grant ANR-15-CE39-0005 and by QNRF grant NPRP-09-768-1-114.


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  • Sylvie Le Hégarat-Mascle
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