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Prophylactic hemofiltration in severely traumatized patients: effects on post-traumatic organ dysfunction syndrome

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Objective: To evaluate the effects of prophylactic veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH) in the absence of renal failure on multiple organ dysfunction syndrome after severe multiple trauma. Design: Prospective, randomized study. Setting: Intensive care unit (ICU) in a university hospital. Patients: Twenty-four patients with severe multiple trauma (injury severity score ≥27), no renal failure on admission and no contraindication for moderate heparinization. Interventions: Twelve patients received conventional treatment while 12 patients were treated additionally with isovolemic CVVH for 5 days starting within 24 h following trauma. Signs of organ dysfunction were assessed daily including monitoring of systemic hemodynamics by means of pulmonary artery catheterization during the first 5 days after trauma. Measurements and main results: Prophylactic CVVH did not affect the overall severity of organ dysfunction as assessed by MOF or APACHE II scores. However, the pattern of impaired organ systems was influenced by CVVH: while the post-traumatic decrease in platelet count in patients subjected to CVVH was more pronounced than in controls (e.g. day 4: control: 115,080±15,087, CVVH: 57,383±4,201 µl–1; p<0.05) the development of hyperdynamic circulatory failure was simultaneously attenuated, as reflected by a limited increase in cardiac output and an attenuated decrease in systemic vascular resistance and oxygen extraction ratio (e.g. systemic vascular resistance on day 4: control: 624.3±46.17, CVVH: 842.7±79.24 dyn·s·cm–5; p<0.005). Conclusion: CVVH blunts the cardiovascular response to multiple trauma and increases tissue oxygen extraction. However, the concomitant decrease in platelet counts represents a limitation for the use of prophylactic CVVH in surgical patients.

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Bauer, M., Marzi, I., Ziegenfuß, T. et al. Prophylactic hemofiltration in severely traumatized patients: effects on post-traumatic organ dysfunction syndrome. Intensive Care Med 27, 376–383 (2001).

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