Spatial Variations of Soil Heavy Metal Potential Ecological Risks in Typical Moso Bamboo Forests of Southeast China

  • Fan WangEmail author
  • Wenjing Zhao
  • Yiyue Chen


Spatial patterns of soil heavy metal potential ecological risk are important for the scientific pollution management of bamboo forests. A total of 160 soil samples were collected from typical moso bamboo forests in the southeastern region of China. Ecological risk index and GIS-based kriging methodologies were applied to analyze spatial variations of analyzed metals and were compared to background levels in samples collected from Zhejiang Province. The results show that the exceeded background rate of the single-factor pollution index of Pb, Cd and Cu in all soil samples is greater than 50%, with the highest overbackground rate of Pb being 99.38%. The potential ecological risk of Hg, Pb and Cd reaches a stronger risk level, while other heavy metals such as As, Cu and Cr are associated with a slight risk level. Different spatial patterns across the whole study area indicate that the potential ecological risk in the northwest and southeast areas is high, but is relatively low in the north-central area.


Soil heavy metal Potential ecological risk Spatial variability Moso bamboo forests 



This study was financially supported by Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation (Grant No. LY15D010007) and Hangzhou Science and Technology Project (Grant No. 20160533B79).


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