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An Analytical Investigation of Ozone Episodes in Bangu, Rio de Janeiro


This study investigated the potential factors that contribute to frequent high levels of ozone as well as ozone episodes in Bangu, one of the most critical areas in the city of Rio de Janeiro regarding ozone levels. For 74 days in a two-year period (10.3%), the national air quality standard was exceeded. For the same period, a total of 378 days (51.8%) had ozone concentrations that were between 80 and 160 µg m−3. A statistical analysis of pollutant concentrations and meteorological data as well as a kinetic and mechanistic analysis of VOC reactivity showed that the high ozone concentrations did not seem to be closely related to local emissions but, rather, were related to pollutant transport and triggered by photochemical activity. The mountains in the southern and northern part of the district contribute to the increase of surface temperatures and the accumulation of pollutants. The VOC/NOx ratios corresponded to a VOC-limited process.

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The study was funded in part by FAPERJ, CNPq, CAPES and CENPES/Petrobras. The authors also acknowledge data provided by SMAC and the collaboration of Prof. Sergio Machado Corrêa, who kindly wrote the R scripts.

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Correspondence to Graciela Arbilla.

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  • Ozone episodes
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • VOC/NOx ratios
  • Meteorological parameters