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Levels of Cd, Pb, As, Hg, and Se in Hair of Residents Living in Villages Around Fenghuang Polymetallic Mine, Southwestern China


Heavy metal levels in hair of residents living in villages around Fenghuang mine were investigated. Samples belonging to mine areas showed the highest values, with mean concentrations (mg kg−1) of 0.17 for Cd, 8.67 for Pb, 0.11 for As, 2.19 for Hg, and 0.64 for Se. Significant correlations (p < 0.01) were found between Cd–Pb, Cd–As, Pb–As, and Se–Hg. There is no significant difference in any of the elements among age groups. However, significant differences in Cd and Pb levels were found between genders. Results revealed that children and females were more susceptible to Cd and Pb exposure.

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Financial support was provided by the Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41040014, 40571008).

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  • Hair
  • Heavy metals
  • Mining activities
  • Environmental exposure