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D. Müller and D.I. Groves (2019) Potassic igneous rocks and associated gold-copper mineralization, fifth edition. Mineral resource reviews, Springer, 398 p

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Fertile magmas are, arguably, the most important ingredient needed to form a large variety of precious and base-metal deposits. This book focuses on potassic igneous rocks, in many cases representing such fertile magmas. Examples from a variety of tectonic settings and, depending on the specific case, their direct and more speculative relationship to gold and copper-rich ore deposits are presented.

This fifth edition of the book is a significantly expanded and updated edition of the book originally published in 1995.

The book contains 11 chapters which include background information on definitions, geology, fundamental processes, and tectonic settings of potassic igneous rocks (Chapters 1 through 5) and case studies and descriptions of ore systems associated with potassic rocks (Chapters 6 through 8) as well as a chapter on the role of halogens and volatiles (Chapter 9) and exploration aspects (Chapter 10). The concluding Chapter 11 contains summary tables on many of the most important...

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