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Multiple isotope composition (S, Pb, H, O, He, and Ar) and genetic implications for gold deposits in the Jiapigou gold belt, Northeast China

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The Jiapigou gold belt (>150 t Au), one of the most important gold-producing districts in China, is located at the northeastern margin of the North China Craton. It is composed of 17 gold deposits with an average grade around 10 g/t Au. The deposits are hosted in Archean gneiss and TTG rocks, and are all in shear zones or fractures of varying orientations and magnitudes. The δ34S values of sulfide from ores are mainly between 2.7 ‰ and 10 ‰. The Pb isotope characteristics of ore sulfides are different from those of the Archean metamorphic rocks and Mesozoic granites and dikes, and indicate that they have different lead sources. The sulfur and lead isotope compositions imply that the ore-forming materials might originate from multiple, mainly deep sources. Fluid inclusions in pyrite have 3He/4He ratios of 0.6 to 2.5 Ra, whereas their 40Ar/36Ar ratios range from 1,444 to 9,805, indicating a dominantly mantle fluid with a negligible crustal component. δ18O values calculated from hydrothermal quartz are between −0.2 ‰ and +5.9 ‰, and δD values of the fluids in the fluid inclusions in quartz are from −70 ‰ to −96 ‰. These ranges suggest dominantly magmatic water with a minor meteoric component. The noble gas isotopic data, along with the stable isotopic data, suggest that the ore-forming fluids have a dominantly mantle source with minor crustal addition.

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This study was funded by the State Key Basic Research Development Program of China (No. 2013CB429804) and the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation grant (No. 40972065). We thank the geologists of the Jiapigou Gold Mine for their field assistance. Prof. Hong-Rui Fan and Xue-Lei Chu are thanked for their helpful discussions on H–O and S–Pb isotopic compositions. We especially thank Prof. Bernd Lehmann and an anonymous reviewer for helpful reviews and improving our English.

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Correspondence to Qingdong Zeng.

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Geological features of typical gold deposits in Jiapigou gold belt, Northeast China (DOC 44.5 kb)

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Sulfur isotope compositions (δ34S‰) of sulfides from the gold deposits in Jiapigou gold belt (DOC 70 kb)

ESM Table 3

Lead isotope compositions of sulfides and whole rocks from the gold deposits in Jiapigou gold belt (DOC 72 kb)

ESM Table 4

Hydrogen and oxygen isotope compositions of the quartz from the gold-bearing quartz veins in Jiapigou gold belt (DOC 72 kb)

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He and Ar isotope compositions of fluid inclusions of pyrites from the gold deposits in Jiapigou gold belt (DOC 52 kb)

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