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Lee A. Groat (ed), Geology of gem deposits

Mineralogical Association of Canada Short Course Volume 37, 2007, 288 pp, plus 24 color plates. US$ 50.00 (outside Canada), CDN$ 50.00 (in Canada) (member price US$ 40.00/CDN$ 40.00), ISBN: 978-0-921294-37-5
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The international mineral exploration budgets for gems account for about 12% to 13% of all non-fuel mineral commodities excluding iron and aluminum. Despite their economic significance, very few modern geology books cover gem deposits and their genesis in an appropriate way. The recent short course volume no. 37 of the Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC) entitled “Geology of gem deposits” tries to fill this obvious gap. And it is not surprising that the Canadians make this step first. Canada, with its three operating diamond mines (Ekati, Diavik, and the just recently opened Jericho mine), has become the world’s third most productive diamond mining country in terms of value, just behind Botswana and Russia only. About 30% of the exploration expenditures in the Yukon Territory (>3.5 million CAN$) were directed in 2003 towards gem beryl exploration with startling new finds.

The 270-page paperback MAC short course volume edited by Lee Groat contains ten chapters on diamond, gem...

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