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Spectrum of resistance to root-knot nematodes and inheritance of heat-stable resistance in in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Capsicum annuum L. has resistance to root-knot nematodes (RKN) (Meloidogyne spp.), severe polyphagous pests that occur world-wide. Several single dominant genes confer this resistance. Some are highly specific, whereas others are effective against a wide range of species. The spectrum of resistance to eight clonal RKN populations of the major Meloidogyne species, M. arenaria (2 populations), M. incognita (2 populations), M. javanica (1 population), and M. hapla (3 populations) was studied using eight lines of Capsicum annuum. Host susceptibility was determined by counting the egg masses (EM) on the roots. Plants were classified into resistant (R; EM ≤ 5) or susceptible (H; EM >5) classes. The french cultivar Doux Long des Landes was susceptible to all nematodes tested. The other seven pepper lines were highly resistant to M. arenaria, M. javanica and one population of M. hapla. Variability in resistance was observed for the other two populations of M. hapla. Only lines PM687, PM217, Criollo de Morelos 334 and Yolo NR were resistant to M. incognita. To investigate the genetic basis of resistance in the highly resistant line PM687, the resistance of two progenies was tested with the two populations of M. incognita: 118 doubled-haploid (DH) lines obtained by androgenesis from F1 hybrids of the cross between PM687 and the susceptible cultivar Yolo Wonder, and 163 F2 progenies. For both nematodes populations, the segregation patterns 69 R / 49 S for DH lines and 163 R / 45 S for F2 progenies were obtained at 22°C and at high temperatures (32°C and 42°C). The presence of a single dominant gene that totally prevented multiplication of M. incognita was thus confirmed and its stability at high temperature was demonstrated. This study confirmed the value of C. annuum as a source of complete spectrum resistance to the major RKN.

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Received: 2 July 1998 / Accepted: 11 March 1999

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Djian-Caporalino, C., Pijarowski, L., Januel, A. et al. Spectrum of resistance to root-knot nematodes and inheritance of heat-stable resistance in in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). Theor Appl Genet 99, 496–502 (1999). https://doi.org/10.1007/s001220051262

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  • Key words Capsicum annuum L.
  • Solanaceae
  • Meloidogyne spp.
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  • Dominant Me3 gene