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Evolutionary features of chondriome divergence in Triticum (wheat) and Aegilops shown by RFLP analysis of mitochondrial DNAs


The first comprehensive analysis was made of restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of the mitochondrial (mt) DNA of two related genera, Triticum (wheat) and Aegilops. This led to clarification of the nature of mtDNA variability and the inference of the phylogeny of the mitochondrial genomes (=chondriome). Forty-six alloplasmic lines and one euplasmic line of common wheat (2n = 42, genomes AABBDD) carrying plasmons (cytoplasmic genomes) of 47 accessions belonging to 33 species were used. This consisted of nearly all the Triticum and Aegilops species. RFLP analysis, carried out with seven mitochondrial gene probes (7.0 kb in total) in combination with three restriction endonucleases, found marked variation: Of the 168 bands detected, 165 were variable (98.2%), indicative that there is extremely high mtDNA variability in these genera. This high variability is attributed to the variation present in the intergenic regions. Most of the variation was between chondriomes of different plasmon types; only 8 bands (4.8%) between those of the same plasmon types were variable, evidence of clear chondriome divergence between different plasmon types. The first comprehensive phylogenetic trees of the chondriome were constructed on the basis of genetic distances. All but 1 of the polyploids had chondriomes closely related to those of 1 putative parent, indicative of uniparental chondriome transmission at the time of polyploid formation. The chondriome showed parallel evolutionary divergence to the plastome (chloroplast genome). Use of a minimum set of 3 mtDNA probe-enzyme combinations is proposed for tentative plasmon type identification and the screening of new plasmon types in those genera.

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Received: 20 March 1999 / Accepted: 22 June 1999

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Wang, G., Matsuoka, Y. & Tsunewaki, K. Evolutionary features of chondriome divergence in Triticum (wheat) and Aegilops shown by RFLP analysis of mitochondrial DNAs. Theor Appl Genet 100, 221–231 (2000).

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  • Key words Mitochondrial DNA
  • RFLP analysis
  • Triticum
  • Aegilops
  • Plasmon phylogeny