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Hessian fly resistance gene H13 is mapped to a distal cluster of resistance genes in chromosome 6DS of wheat

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H13 is inherited as a major dominant resistance gene in wheat. It was previously mapped to chromosome 6DL and expresses a high level of antibiosis against Hessian fly (Hf) [Mayetiola destructor (Say)] larvae. The objective of this study was to identify tightly linked molecular markers for marker-assisted selection in wheat breeding and as a starting point toward the map-based cloning of H13. Fifty-two chromosome 6D-specific microsatellite (simple sequence repeat) markers were tested for linkage to H13 using near-isogenic lines Molly (PI 562619) and Newton-207, and a segregating population consisting of 192 F2:3 families derived from the cross PI 372129 (Dn4) × Molly (H13). Marker Xcfd132 co-segregated with H13, and several other markers were tightly linked to H13 in the distal region of wheat chromosome 6DS. Deletion analysis assigned H13 to a small region closely proximal to the breakpoint of del6DS-6 (FL 0.99). Further evaluation and comparison of the H13-linked markers revealed that the same chromosome region may also contain H23 in KS89WGRC03, an unnamed H gene (H WGRC4 ) in KS89WGRC04, the wheat curl mite resistance gene Cmc4, and a defense response gene Ppo for polyphenol oxidase. Thus, these genes comprise a cluster of arthropod resistance genes. Marker analysis also revealed that a very small intercalary chromosomal segment carrying H13 was transferred from the H13 donor parent to the wheat line Molly.

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The authors thank Xiang Liu, E. Parker, D.L. Wilson, and K.D. Howell for technical assistance; Sue Cambron for the Hessian fly biotype L culture; and Dr. H. Ohm for the wheat seeds. We appreciate the valuable suggestions and comments on the manuscript from Drs. C.M. Smith and G.H. Bai. The experiments comply with the current laws of the Unites States, where the experiments were performed. Contribution no. 05-87-J from the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan., USA.

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