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Resistance gene analogs are candidate markers for disease-resistance genes in grape (Vitis spp.)


A set of NBS-containing sequences was isolated from genomic DNA of two grape species (Vitis amurensis and Vitis riparia) and characterised in a panel of Vitis genotypes carrying different levels of resistance against downy mildew and other diseases. A PCR-mediated approach made use of degenerate primers designed on conserved regions encoding known R-genes, and provided the source for cloning grape analogous sequences. Cloned sequences were digested with ten endonucleases and 29 out of 71 putative recombinant clones, which showed unique restriction patterns, were sequenced. Using a threshold value of 40% identity, at least 12 grape NBS-sequences had a high overall similarity with known R-genes, such as the Arabidopsis gene RPS5 and the tobacco gene N. The presence of internal conserved motifs provided evidence that sequences isolated from grape may belong to the NBS-LRR gene family. A cluster analysis based on the deduced amino acid sequence and carried out on grape NBS-sequences, together with several analogous domains of known R-genes, classified grape sequences into three major groups. A grape sequence of each group was used as a probe on Southern blots with digested genomic DNA from resistant and susceptible grapes. One of the NBS-containing probes showed a clear-cut separation between resistant species and susceptible varieties. This evidence makes the probe a candidate marker for disease resistance genes in Vitis germplasm.

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Di Gaspero, .G., Cipriani, .G. Resistance gene analogs are candidate markers for disease-resistance genes in grape (Vitis spp.). Theor Appl Genet 106, 163–172 (2002).

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