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Pericardial, myocardial, and extracardiac cysts diagnosed by transthoracic echocardiography

  • A. DoğanEmail author
  • H. Aksoy
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Diagnose von perikardialen, myokardialen und extrakardialen Zysten mittels transthorakaler Echokardiographie


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Supplementary material (669 kb)
Video 1: Subcostal view showing myocardial cyst at the apex and pericardial cysts at the side of right ventricule. ( 0,7MB)

Video 2: Parasternal long and short axis view showing multiple cysts. ( 1,3MB) (883 kb)
Video 3: Subcostal view disclosing large, multivesicular and calcified mass in the liver tissue. ( 0,9MB)

Video 4: Parasternal long and short axis view showing multiple cysts . ( 0,8MB)


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  1. 1.Cardiology ClinicsOsmaniye State HospitalOsmaniyeTurkey

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