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May fibrine glue play a role as an adjunct?

  • R. E. AnderssonEmail author

Spielt Fibrinkleber möglicherweise eine Rolle als Zusatz?


This reply refers to Thomas PW, Herrod PJJ, Hardy EOJ et al. (2019) Recent outcomes from the use of fibrin glue in pilonidal sinus disease. Coloproctology 41 (Epub ahead of print)

Original version

Andersson RE (2019) Less invasive pilonidal sinus surgical procedures. Coloproctology 41:117–120.

I welcome the comment by Mr. Thomas et al., which adds two newly published studies using fibrin glue that were not available at the time of the manuscript. One of them reports results from 106 selected patients with very similar results to the modified Lord Millar method. It seems to be a promising method and lends further support to the question I end my review with: “May fibrine glue play a role as an adjunct?” Fibrin glue should definitely be included in future randomised trials.


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