Interpolation Theory for Sobolev Functions with Partially Vanishing Trace on Irregular Open Sets

  • Sebastian BechtelEmail author
  • Moritz Egert


A full interpolation theory for Sobolev functions with smoothness between 0 and 1 and vanishing trace on a part of the boundary of an open set is established. Geometric assumptions are mostly of measure theoretic nature and reach beyond Lipschitz regular domains. Previous results were limited to regular geometric configurations or Hilbertian Sobolev spaces. Sets with porous boundary and their characteristic multipliers on smoothness spaces play a major role in the arguments.


Interpolation of Banach spaces (fractional) Sobolev spaces Traces and extensions of Sobolev functions Porous sets Measure density conditions Hardy’s inequality 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary: 46B70 Secondary: 46E35 



Both authors are grateful to Joachim Rehberg for many fruitful discussions on and around the topic. The first named author thanks his Ph.D. advisor Robert Haller-Dintelmann for his support and the Laboratoire de Mathématiques d’Orsay for hospitality during a stay in March 2018 where this project got started.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Fachbereich Mathematik, Technische Universität DarmstadtDarmstadtGermany
  2. 2.Laboratoire de Mathématiques d’OrsayUniv. Paris-Sud, CNRS, Université Paris-SaclayOrsayFrance

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