On the Yang–Yau inequality for the first Laplace eigenvalue

  • Mikhail KarpukhinEmail author


In a seminal paper published in 1980, P. C. Yang and S.-T. Yau proved an inequality bounding the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian on an orientable Riemannian surface in terms of its genus \(\gamma \) and the area. The equality in Yang–Yau’s estimate is attained for \(\gamma =0\) by an old result of J. Hersch and it was recently shown by S. Nayatani and T. Shoda that it is also attained for \(\gamma =2\). In the present article we combine techniques from algebraic geometry and minimal surface theory to show that Yang–Yau’s inequality is strict for all genera \(\gamma >2\). Previously this was only known for \(\gamma =1\). In the second part of the paper we apply Chern-Wolfson’s notion of harmonic sequence to obtain an upper bound on the total branching order of harmonic maps from surfaces to spheres. Applications of these results to extremal metrics for eigenvalues are discussed.



The author is grateful to V. Baranovsky, M. Coppens, A. Neves, I. Polterovich and R. Schoen for fruitful discussions. A special thanks goes to M. Coppens for providing the author with a copy of his thesis [Cop83]. The author thanks V. Medvedev and I. Polterovich for remarks on the preliminary version of the manuscript.


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