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H Filter Design for T–S Fuzzy Nonlinear Quadratic Systems with Time-Varying Delay

  • Khadija NaamaneEmail author
  • El Houssaine Tissir


This paper focuses on the problem of H filtering for continuous-time T–S fuzzy nonlinear quadratic systems with a varying time delay. To ensure H performance bound for the augmented nonlinear quadratic system constituted by the original system and the filter, we use a quadratic Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional and some inequality conditions. We aim to derive a less conservative result than the existing ones by designing the filter parameters via linear matrix inequalities. Free parameters provide extra degrees of freedom in optimizing the guaranteed H performance and lead to a less conservative design.


H filtering Quadratic systems Linear matrix inequalities T–S fuzzy model 



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  1. 1.LESSI, Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences Dhar El MehrazUniversity Sidi Mohammed Ben AbdellahFesMorocco

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