Fast Reconstruction of 3D Images Using Charlier Discrete Orthogonal Moments

  • Hicham KarmouniEmail author
  • Tarik Jahid
  • Mhamed Sayyouri
  • Abdeslam Hmimid
  • Hassan Qjidaa


We propose a new algorithm for accelerating the computation time of Charlier discrete orthogonal moments for three-dimensional (3D) images, based on two fundamental notions: The first is a new representation of 3D images called image cuboid representation (ICR) in which the 3D image is decomposed into a set of cuboids of the same gray level instead of voxels, enabling a considerable reduction in both the amount of treated voxels and the computation time of Charlier moments. The second is a matrix calculation of the Charlier moments instead of direct or recursive calculations. The significant reduction in the computation time for Charlier moments, in combination with the ICR method, motivated the development of this new method for 3D image reconstruction. Simulation results confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method in terms of the calculation time of 3D Charlier moments as well as the speed and quality of image reconstruction.


3D Charlier moments 3D image cuboid representation 3D image reconstruction Matrix computation 



This work was supported in part by a grant from Moroccan pole of Competence STIC (Science and Technology of Information and Communication). We also thank the anonymous referees for their helpful comments and suggestions.

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  1. 1.CED-ST, STIC, Laboratory of Electronic Signals and Systems of Information LESSI, Faculty of Science Dhar El MahrezUniversity Sidi Mohamed Ben AbdellahFezMorocco
  2. 2.Laboratory of Engineering Sciences for Energy, National School of Applied Sciences, d’El JadidaChouaib Doukkali UniversityEl JadidaMorocco

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