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An Efficient Approach to Restore Naturalness of Non-uniform Illumination Images

  • Utkarsh GoelEmail author
  • Bhupendra Gupta
  • Mayank Tiwari
Short Paper


Enhancement of the image details without affecting the naturalness is a difficult task, especially for non-uniformly illuminated images. While dealing with non-uniformly illuminated images, most of the available image enhancement approaches show common drawbacks such as loss of naturalness and appearance of artifacts in the resultant image. It is very difficult to maintain a trade-off between detail enhancement and naturalness. To deal with this problem, we propose an efficient approach for enhancing local details as well as the color information and preserve the naturalness in the resultant image. The proposed method is effectively enhancing the local details, along with the visibility of the image (having dark and bright regions) without affecting the naturalness. Experimental results also support our claims and confirmations that the proposed approach outperforms other state-of-the-art methods.


Image enhancement Naturalness preservation Contrast enhancement Color preservation 



We are very grateful to the all the reviewers for giving their precious time in order to review our work. We have found their suggestion very useful in improving the quality of this research article and have humbly incorporated all their suggestions.


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  2. 2.PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing JabalpurJabalpurIndia

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