Local well-posedness of Yang–Mills equations in Lorenz gauge below the energy norm

  • Achenef TesfahunEmail author


We prove that the Yang–Mills equations in the Lorenz gauge (YM-LG) is locally well-posed for data below the energy norm, in particular, we can take data for the gauge potential A and the associated curvature \({F \,\,{\rm in}\,\, H^s \times H^{s-1} \,\,{\rm and}\,\, H^r \times H^{r-1} \,\,{\rm for}\,\, s = (\frac{6}{7}+,-\frac{1}{14}+)}\), respectively. This extends a recent result by Selberg and the present author on the local well-posedness of YM-LG for finite energy data (specifically, for (s, r) =  (1−, 0)). We also prove unconditional uniqueness of the energy class solution, that is, uniqueness in the classical space C([−T, T]; X 0), where X 0 is the energy data space. The key ingredient in the proof is the fact that most bilinear terms in YM-LG contain null structure some of which uncovered in the present paper.

Mathematics Subject Classification

35Q40 35L70 


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