Large time behavior of solutions to degenerate parabolic equations

  • Shaohua ChenEmail author
  • Runzhang Xu


This paper deals with large time behavior of the Dirichlet problem to the degenerate parabolic equation \({u_t = g(u) \Delta u + f(u)}\) in a bounded domain \({\Omega \subset R^n}\) with smooth boundary \({\partial \Omega}\) . Under suitable conditions on f(u) and g(u), we show that all solutions will converge to the steady state exponentially.

Mathematics Subject Classification

35K55 35K65 35B40 


Degenerate parabolic equations Steady state Exponential convergence 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Physics and GeologyCape Breton UniversitySydneyCanada
  2. 2.College of ScienceHarbin Engineering UniversityHarbinPeople’s Republic of China

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