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Asymptotic plateau problem in \({\mathbb H}^2\times {\mathbb R}\)

  • Baris CoskunuzerEmail author


We give a fairly complete solution to the asymptotic Plateau Problem for area minimizing surfaces in \({\mathbb H}^2\times {\mathbb R}\). In particular, we identify the collection of Jordan curves in \(\partial _\infty ({\mathbb H}^2\times {\mathbb R})\) which bounds an area minimizing surface in \({\mathbb H}^2\times {\mathbb R}\). Furthermore, we study the similar problem for minimal surfaces, and show that the situation is highly different.


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Part of this research was carried out at MIT during my visit. I would like to thank them for their great hospitality. I would like to thank the referee for very valuable remarks.


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