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On Pompeiu–Chebyshev Functional and Its Generalization

  • Mohammad W. AlomariEmail author


In this work, a generalization of Chebyshev functional is presented. New inequalities of Grüss type via Pompeiu’s mean value theorem are established. Improvements of some old inequalities are proved. A generalization of pre-Grüss inequality is elaborated. Some remarks to further generalization of Chebyshev functional are presented. As applications, bounds for the reverse of CBS inequality are deduced. Hardy type inequalities on bounded real interval \(\left[ a,b\right] \) under some other circumstances are introduced. Other related ramified inequalities for differentiable functions are also given.


Chebyshev functional grüss inequality pompeiu MVT CBS inequality hardy inequality 

Mathematics Subject Classification

26D15 26D10 26A48 



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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science and Information TechnologyIrbid National UniversityIrbidJordan

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