Pure and Applied Geophysics

, Volume 176, Issue 1, pp 525–525 | Cite as

Correction to: Tectonic Stress Regime in the 2003–2004 and 2012–2015 Earthquake Swarms in the Ubaye Valley, French Alps

  • Lucia FojtíkováEmail author
  • Václav Vavryčuk
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1 Correction to: Pure Appl. Geophys. 175 (2018), 1997–2008

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Rock Structure and MechanicsThe Czech Academy of SciencesPragueCzech Republic
  2. 2.Earth Science InstituteSlovak Academy of SciencesBratislavaSlovakia
  3. 3.Institute of GeophysicsThe Czech Academy of SciencesPragueCzech Republic

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