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Fefferman–Stein inequalities for the dyadic-like maximal operators

  • Mateusz RapickiEmail author
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The paper contains a transference theorem which allows to extend a large class of unweighted inequalities for the dyadic maximal operator to their weighted Fefferman–Stein counterparts on general probability spaces.


Maximal operator Weighted inequality Fefferman–Stein inequality Martingale Bellman function method 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 42B25 Secondary 60G42 



Funding was provided by Narodowe Centrum Nauki (Grant No. DEC-2014/14/E/ST1/00532).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Wydzial Matematyki Informatyki i MechanikiUniwersytet WarszawskiWarsawPoland

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