The Bénard Problem for Slightly Compressible Materials: Existence and Linear Instability

  • Andrea CorliEmail author
  • Arianna Passerini


We study a generalization of the Oberbeck–Boussinesq system, which consists in a buoyancy term where the density depends also on the pressure. A new pressure equation is introduced, which is deduced from the divergence-free condition on the velocity; such an equation cannot be decoupled from the system and is studied under Robin’s boundary conditions. Then, the existence of regular periodic solutions is proved for the full system. In Bénard’s problem, the two-dimensional linear instability of the solution depends on a dimensionless parameter that is proportional to the compressibility factor: the related critical Rayleigh number decreases as it increases.


Incompressible fluids Oberbeck–Boussinesq approximation Bénard problem instability 

Mathematics Subject Classification

76R10 76D07 76E06 



The first author is a member of “Gruppo Nazionale per l’Analisi Matematica, la Probabilità e le loro Applicazioni” (GNAMPA) of the “Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica” (INdAM) and acknowledges support from this institution.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and Computer ScienceUniversity of FerraraFerraraItaly

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