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Scalar blocks as gravitational Wilson networks

  • Atanu Bhatta
  • Prashanth Raman
  • Nemani V. SuryanarayanaEmail author
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


In this paper we continue to develop further our prescription [arXiv:1602.02962] to holographically compute the conformal partial waves of CFT correlation functions using the gravitational open Wilson network operators in the bulk. In particular, we demonstrate how to implement it to compute four-point scalar partial waves in general dimension. In the process we introduce the concept of OPE modules, that helps us simplify the computations. Our result for scalar partial waves is naturally given in terms of the Gegenbauer polynomials. We also provide a simpler proof of a previously known recursion relation for the even dimensional CFT partial waves, which naturally leads us to an odd dimensional counterpart.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Conformal Field Theory Classical Theories of Gravity Conformal and W Symmetry 


Open Access

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  • Prashanth Raman
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  • Nemani V. Suryanarayana
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  2. 2.Homi Bhabha National InstituteMumbaiIndia

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