Counting superstrata

  • Masaki ShigemoriEmail author
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We count the number of regular supersymmetric solutions in supergravity, called superstrata, that represent non-linear completion of linear fluctuations around empty AdS3×S3. These solutions carry the same charges as the D1-D5-P black hole and represent its microstates. We estimate the entropy using thermodynamic approximation and find that it is parametrically smaller than the area-entropy of the D1-D5-P black hole. Therefore, these superstrata based on AdS3× S3 are not typical microstates of the black hole. What are missing in the superstrata based on AdS3× S3 are higher and fractional modes in the dual CFT language. We speculate on what kind of other configurations to look at as possible realization of those modes in gravity picture, such as superstrata based on other geometries, as well as other brane configurations.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Black Holes in String Theory Supergravity Models 


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