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Entanglement of purification and disentanglement in CFTs

  • Wu-zhong GuoEmail author
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We study the entanglement of purification (EoP) of subsystem A and B in conformal field theories (CFTs) stressing on its relation to unitary operations of disentanglement, if the auxiliary subsystem \( \tilde{A} \) adjoins A and \( \tilde{A}\tilde{B} \) is the complement of AB. We estimate the amount of the disentanglement by using the inequality of Von Neumann entropy as well as the surface/state correspondence. Denote the state that produces the EoP by |ψM. We calculate the variance of entanglement entropy of A\( \tilde{A} \) in the state \( \left|\psi \left(\delta \right)\right\rangle := {e}^{i\delta H}\tilde{A}\tilde{B}{\left|\psi \right\rangle}_M \). We find a constraint on the state \( {\left|\psi \right\rangle}_M\left[{K}_{A\tilde{A},M},{O}_{\tilde{A}}\right]=0 \), where \( {K}_{A\tilde{A},M} \) is the modular Hamiltonian of A\( \tilde{A} \) in the state |ψM, \( {O}_{\tilde{A}}\in \mathcal{R}\left(\tilde{\mathrm{A}}\right) \) is an arbitrary operator. We also study three different states that can be seen as disentangled states. Two of them can produce the holographic EoP result in some limit. But we show that none of they could be a candidate of the state |ψM, since the distance between these three states and |ψM is very large.


Conformal Field Theory AdS-CFT Correspondence 


Open Access

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