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CP violating effects in coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering processes

  • D. Aristizabal Sierra
  • V. De RomeriEmail author
  • N. Rojas
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


The presence of new neutrino-quark interactions can enhance, deplete or distort the coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CEνNS) event rate. The new interactions may involve CP violating phases that can potentially affect these features. Assuming light vector mediators, we study the effects of CP violation on the CEνNS process in the COHERENT sodium-iodine, liquid argon and germanium detectors. We identify a region in parameter space for which the event rate always involves a dip and another one for which this is never the case. We show that the presence of a dip in the event rate spectrum can be used to constraint CP violating effects, in such a way that the larger the detector volume the tighter the constraints. Furthermore, it allows the reconstruction of the effective coupling responsible for the signal with an uncertainty determined by recoil energy resolution. In the region where no dip is present, we find that CP violating parameters can mimic the Standard Model CEνNS prediction or spectra induced by real parameters. We point out that the interpretation of CEνNS data in terms of a light vector mediator should take into account possible CP violating effects. Finally, we stress that our results are qualitatively applicable for CEνNS induced by solar or reactor neutrinos. Thus, the CP violating effects discussed here and their consequences should be taken into account as well in the analysis of data from multi-ton dark matter detectors or experiments such as CONUS, ν-cleus or CONNIE.


Beyond Standard Model CP violation Neutrino Physics 


Open Access

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  • D. Aristizabal Sierra
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  • V. De Romeri
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  • N. Rojas
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  1. 1.Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Departamento de FísicaValparaísoChile
  2. 2.IFPA, Dep. AGO, Université de LiègeLiège 1Belgium
  3. 3.AHEP Group, Instituto de Física Corpuscular, CSIC/Universitat de ValènciaPaternaSpain

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