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Weak cosmic censorship conjecture in Kerr-(anti-)de Sitter black hole with scalar field

  • Bogeun GwakEmail author
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We investigate the weak cosmic censorship conjecture in Kerr-(anti-)de Sitter black holes under the scattering of a scalar field. We test the conjecture in terms of whether the black hole can exceed the extremal condition with respect to its change caused by the energy and angular momentum fluxes of the scalar field. Without imposing the laws of thermodynamics, we prove that the conjecture is valid in all the initial states of the black hole (non-extremal, near-extremal, and extremal black holes). The validity in the case of the near-extremal black hole is different from the results of similar tests conducted by adding a particle because the fluxes represent the energy and angular momentum transferred to the black hole during the time interval not included in the tests involving the particle. Using the time interval, we show that the angular velocity of the black hole with the scalar field of a constant state takes a long time for saturation to the frequency of the scalar field.


Black Holes Classical Theories of Gravity Spacetime Singularities 


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