Kähler uniformization from holographic renormalization group flows of M5-branes

  • Martin FluderEmail author
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In this paper, we initiate the study of holographic renormalization group flows for the metric of four-manifolds. In particular, we derive a set of equations which govern the evolution of a generic Kähler four-manifold along the renormalization group flow in seven-dimensional gauged supergravity. The physical eleven-dimensional M-theory setup is given by a stack of M5-branes wrapping a calibrated Kähler four-cycle inside a Calabi-Yau threefold. By topologically twisting the theory in the ultraviolet, we may choose an arbitrary Kähler metric on the four-cycle as an asymptotic boundary condition. We find that at the infrared fixed point, we reach a Kähler-Einstein metric, which can be interpreted as an indication of “uniformizing” behavior of the flow.


AdS-CFT Correspondence M-Theory Renormalization Group Supergravity Models 


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