Heavy neutral fermions at the high-luminosity LHC

  • Juan Carlos Helo
  • Martin Hirsch
  • Zeren Simon WangEmail author
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Long-lived light particles (LLLPs) appear in many extensions of the standard model. LLLPs are usually motivated by the observed small neutrino masses, by dark matter or both. Typical examples for fermionic LLLPs (a.k.a. heavy neutral fermions, HNFs) are sterile neutrinos or the lightest neutralino in R-parity violating supersymmetry. The high luminosity LHC is expected to deliver up to 3/ab of data. Searches for LLLPs in dedicated experiments at the LHC could then probe the parameter space of LLLP models with unprecedented sensitivity. Here, we compare the prospects of several recent experimental proposals, FASER, CODEX-b and MATHUSLA, to search for HNFs and discuss their relative merits.s


Beyond Standard Model Neutrino Physics Supersymmetric Standard Model 


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  1. 1.Departamento de Física, Facultad de CienciasUniversidad de La SerenaLa SerenaChile
  2. 2.Centro-Científico-Tecnológico de ValparaísoValparaísoChile
  3. 3.AHEP Group, Instituto de Física Corpuscular - C.S.I.C./Universitat de ValènciaValènciaSpain
  4. 4.Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics & Physikalisches Institut der Universität BonnBonnGermany

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