Revisiting constraints on 3 + 1 active-sterile neutrino mixing using IceCube data

  • Luis Salvador MirandaEmail author
  • Soebur Razzaque
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Recent IceCube search results for sterile neutrino increased tension between the combined appearance and disappearance experiments. On the other hand, MiniBooNE latest data confirms at 4.9σ CL the short-baseline oscillation anomaly. We analyze published IceCube data based on two different active-sterile mixing schemes using one additional sterile neutrino flavor. We present exclusion regions in the parameter ranges 0.01 ≤ sin2θ24 ≤ 0.1 and 0.1 eV2 ≤ Δm 42 2 ≤ 10 eV2 for the mass-mixing and flavor-mixing schemes. Under the more conservative mass-mixing scheme, 3σ CL allowed regions for the appearance experiment and MiniBooNE latest result are excluded at ≳ 3σ CL. In case of less-restrictive flavor-mixing scheme, results from the appearance experiments are excluded at ≳ 2σ CL. We also find that including prompt component of the atmospheric neutrino flux relaxes constraints on sterile mixing for Δm 42 2 ≳ 1 eV2.


Neutrino Physics Solar and Atmospheric Neutrinos 


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