Leading multi-stress tensors and conformal bootstrap

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Near lightcone correlators are dominated by operators with the lowest twist. We consider the contributions of such leading lowest twist multi-stress tensor operators to a heavy-heavy-light-light correlator in a CFT of any even dimensionality with a large central charge. An infinite number of such operators contribute, but their sum is described by a simple ansatz. We show that the coefficients in this ansatz can be determined recursively, thereby providing an operational procedure to compute them. This is achieved by bootstrapping the corresponding near lightcone correlator: conformal data for any minimal­ twist determines that for the higher minimal-twist and so on. To illustrate this procedure in four spacetime dimensions we determine the contributions of double- and triple-stress tensors. We compute the OPE coefficients; whenever results are available in the literature, we observe complete agreement. We also compute the contributions of double-stress tensors in six spacetime dimensions and determine the corresponding OPE coefficients. In all cases the results are consistent with the exponentiation of the near lightcone correlator. This is similar to the situation in two spacetime dimensions for the Virasoro vacuum block.

A preprint version of the article is available at ArXiv.


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