The top-quark window on compositeness at future lepton colliders

  • Gauthier DurieuxEmail author
  • Oleksii Matsedonskyi
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In composite Higgs (CH) models, large mixings between the top quark and the new strongly interacting sector are required to generate its sizeable Yukawa coupling. Precise measurements involving top as well as left-handed bottom quarks therefore offer an interesting opportunity to probe such new physics scenarios. We study the impact of third-generation-quark pair production at future lepton colliders, translating prospective effective-field-theory sensitivities into the CH parameter space. Our results show that one can probe a significant fraction of the natural CH parameter space through the top portal, especially at TeV centre-of-mass energies.


Beyond Standard Model Technicolor and Composite Models Heavy Quark Physics Effective Field Theories 


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