Supersymmetric AdS6 black holes from F(4) gauged supergravity

  • Minwoo SuhEmail author
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In F (4) gauged supergravity in six dimensions, we study supersymmetric AdS6 black holes with various horizon geometries. We find a new \( Ad{S}_2 \times {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}1}\times {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}2} \) horizon solution with \( {\mathfrak{g}}_1>1 \) and \( {\mathfrak{g}}_2>1 \), and present the black hole solution numerically. The full black hole is an interpolating geometry between the asymptotically AdS6 boundary and the \( Ad{S}_2 \times {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}1}\times {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}2} \) horizon. We calculate the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of the black hole and find a match with the recently calculated topologically twisted index of 5d USp(2N) gauge theory on \( {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}1}\times {\Sigma}_{\mathfrak{g}2}\times {S}^1 \) in the large N limit. We also find black hole horizons of Kähler four-cycles in Calabi-Yau fourfolds and on Cayley four-cycles in Spin(7) manifolds.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Supergravity Models 


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