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Lightweight Preheating Stands and Lids Used in Steelwork Trinec

  • P. Sima
  • M. Přibyl
Refractories Forum


In a wide range of metallurgical operations, steel casting or filling ladles and tundishes must be dried or preheated. Many types of preheating and covering lids are used in these processes. Technological facilities of this type are used in the Trinec melt shops for production and processing of steel. Refractory castables, dense or lightweight refractory bricks, or refractory fibre module systems can be used to line various types of lids. The article focuses on the particular advantages of fibre module systems applied in the construction of these types of linings. Fibre ensures low weight, easy maintenance and satisfactory service lifetime, which enables streamlined usage under busy steel production conditions. Indeed, fibre can be envisioned as a solution for an even larger range of lining systems.


saves energy minimizes heat losses resistant to high temperatures and vibrations long service life lightweight 


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