Nano Alumina: A Review of the Powder Synthesis Method

  • P. S. BeheraEmail author
  • R. Sarkar
  • S. Bhattacharyya
High-Performance Ceramics


Nanocrystalline ceramic materials are those with size smaller than 100 nm which have great importance in the field of nanotechnology. Nano-sized materials have properties superior to bulk materials, including improved surface area-to-volume ratio and high strength and toughness. This review paper presents an outline of the preparation of nano alumina by different methods such as sol-gel, combustion, precipitation, hydrothermal and leaching from kaolin. Nano alumina has a broad range of applications, so development of cost-effective processing routes for synthesis of nano alumina is the most prominent industrial challenge. These methods highlight the benefit of controlled particle size distribution with less agglomeration, improved morphology and controlled generation of pure nano alumina phase during the synthesis process. More research should be carried out to discover processing conditions that advance these goals.


nano alumina powder synthesis particle size agglomeration 


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