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Synthesis of (xMgO-yAl2O3-5SiO2) Ceramic via the Sol-Gel Technique in Air and under Nitrogen Gas Flow

  • S. H. Kenawy
  • H. H. M. DarweeshEmail author


The pure ceramic material was synthesized stoichiometrically with compositions of xMgO-yAl2O3-5SiO2 (x = 2.6–3.0 mol, y = 1.5–2.0 mol) mainly using metal alkoxides through the sol-gel route. The densification and crystallization behaviours of these sintered bodies were investigated using XRD. Density and porosity were investigated using the Archimedes method. The 2MgO-2Al2O3-5SiO2 glass composition was fully densified and crystallized into high purity α-cordierite. The evolution of the microstructure was studied using scanning electron microscopy. It was found that increasing the firing temperature enhanced the bodies’ density. Mullite net and rods crystallize in the cordierite matrix when it is heat treated at 1350°C.


cordierite synthesis sol-gel density mechanical properties sintering XRD SEM 


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  1. 1.Refractories, Ceramics and Building Materials DepartmentNational Research CentreDokki, CairoEgypt

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