Large-Scale Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes via Catalytic Pyrolysis of Phenolic Resin at Low Temperature

  • Junkai Wang
  • Xiangong Deng
  • Haijun ZhangEmail author
  • Feng Cheng
  • Faliang Li
  • Shaowei Zhang
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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were prepared through catalytic pyrolysis of phenol resin at 600°C under Ar atmosphere using ferric nitrate as the catalyst precursor. The structure and morphology of pyrolyzed resin were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results show that the optimum growth temperature of the CNTs is 600°C, and other heating temperatures lower or higher than 600°C are not suitable for large-scale preparation of CNTs. Moreover, the ferric nitrate experienced the following phase transformation: Fe3O4 at 400°C, catalytically active Fe at 600°C and catalytically inactive (Fe, C) carbide at 800 and 1000°C. Based on the SEM and TEM results, a four-step mode of Vapour-solid-solid (VSS) and tip growth mechanism was revealed for the formation of CNTs from catalytic pyrolysis of phenol resin.


carbon nanotubes ferric nitrate pyrolysis phenolic resin catalytic 


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  • Haijun Zhang
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