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Refractories in IGCC Technology — State of the Art and New Approaches

  • P. GehreEmail author
  • C. G. Aneziris


In gasifiers, a carbon feedstock reacts with oxygen and water to produce syngas. We will describe the contribution of gasification technology to environmentally beneficial power generation (IGCC power stations) allowing for higher input of renewable biomass and coal mixtures, whilst at the same time decreasing CO2-emissions. The gasification chamber is protected by a chromia-rich refractory lining, which is destroyed over time by wear mechanisms such as corrosion, thermal shock and spalling. The poor service life of the refractories has limited the availability of IGCC plants. Increasing profitability by extending the service life of gasifiers on the one hand and the replacement of high chrome oxide materials by environmentally friendly, recyclable and economic refractories on the other hand, will advance IGCC technology in the marketplace. New approaches in materials development are based on the use of chromia-free refractories with high resistance against thermal shock and corrosion.


IGCC gasification chromium oxide alumina corrosion 


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