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Case Report: Hypophosphatemic rickets and aggressive periodontitis: a review of the role of dentine matrix protein 1 in the pathogenesis

  • S. H. S. Al-JundiEmail author
  • M. M. Hammad
  • I. Dabous


BACKGROUND: The association between hypophosphatemic rickets (HR) and excessive periodontal breakdown was reported in mice models of HR. In humans, this is the first report of a possible association between HR and periodontal breakdown. CASE REPORT: The following presents a report of a case of a 15 year-old child diagnosed with HR at age 9 years, with atypical premature spontaneous loss of teeth due to periodontal defects in the absence of dental abscesses, dental caries, or trauma. The case is discussed in the context of relevant literature; the possible role of dentine matrix protein 1 in the aetiology of such periodontal defects in patients with HR is also discussed. CONCLUSION: Spontaneous loss of teeth in the absence of abscess formation is not one of the reported features of HR, however, this report may alert clinicians of the possibility of such association especially in the autosomal recessive type. Further case reports and more elaborate genetic and molecular testing is needed to verify this especially in late diagnosis cases.

Key words

hypophosphatemia rickets dentine matrix protein periodontitis 


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  1. 1.Dept. Preventive DentistryJordan University of Science and TechnologyIrbidJordan
  2. 2.Private specialist practiceAmmanJordan

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