Carbonates and Evaporites

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Book reviews

  • Gerald M. FriedmanEmail author


  1. TROPICAL CARBONATES (CARBONATES INTERTROPICAUX), by F.G. Bourrouilh-Le Jan, (ed), (1996); Proceedings of the Specialized Meeting of the Geological Society of France, 3rd and 4th May 1993, Mémories de la Société Géologique de France, Nouvelle Série-1996-Mémoire No. 169, 434 p., softcover, ISBN: 2-85363-074-9, 375F.Google Scholar
  2. SEDIMENTARY DEPOSITION IN RIFT AND FORELAND BASINS IN FRANCE AND SPAIN, by George Busson and B. Charlotte Schreiber, (1997); Columbia University Press, New York, 479 p., cloth, ISBN: 0-231-06786-0, $200.Google Scholar
  3. SEISMIC SURVEYING AND WELL LOGGING: OIL AND GAS EXPLORATION TECHNIQUES, by S. Boyer and J.-L. Mari, (1997), Éditions Technip, Institut Français du Pétrole Publications, 192 p., hardback, ISBN: 2-7108-0712-2, 350F.Google Scholar

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