Journal of Northeast Asian Studies

, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 60–79 | Cite as

Hongkong Chinese emigration and investment patterns in response to the 1997 problem

  • Danny Kin-Kong Lam


The transfer of Hongkong from British to PRC sovereignty has resulted in an apparently large outflow of Hongkong Chinese emigrants and investments abroad. The outflow is motivated by a variety of causes: Political fear, uncertainty, and economic considerations. These motivations in turn are mediated by the socio-economic position of potential migrants, their preference for developed. Western, liberal, English-speaking countries and the interplay of these factors with the international institutional system of legal migration. Because of these factors, the possibility of Communist rule after 1997 has in fact generated not a single response from Hongkong Chinese, but a variety of different responses. They range from economically eligible migrants choosing to stay and invest in Hongkong to outright emigration and divestment.


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  • Danny Kin-Kong Lam
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  1. 1.the Department of Management, W. Paul Stillman School of BusinessSeton Hall UniversitySouth Orange

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