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Environmental protection in Chinese foreign policy


The environmental aspect of Chinese foreign policy has been neglected in the study of Chinese foreign relations. Yet it has become increasingly important since the late 1980s. Beijing’s increased interest in environmental diplomacy is closely linked with its security, economic, environmental and foreign policy interests. Recognizing the seriousness of its deteriorating domestic environment, the growing international attention on the ecological threats, and the need to improve China’s image and international status, Beijing has begun to pay special attention to environmental diplomacy. Yet China’s priority of economic development, its limited resources, its concerns about sovereign infringement, and trade barriers determine the features of China’s practice in this area.

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Correspondence to Yufan Hao.

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(with Guocang Huan) ofThe Chinese View of the World (Random House, 1989)

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Hao, Y. Environmental protection in Chinese foreign policy. Journal of Northeast Asian Studies 11, 25–46 (1992).

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  • Foreign Policy
  • Montreal Protocol
  • Northeast ASIAN Study
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  • Ozone Layer Depletion